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Hands-on labs provide practical, safe, and real-world learning experiences for gaining valuable skills and confidence.

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Sometimes cloud confusions hold down teams' progress. But consider if you could make it such that your teams could quickly return to tackling important cloud concerns each day after searching, learning, and practically implying. With Al Nafi Cloud’s labs, you can gain that on your fingertips.
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Give your crew access to the fastest cloud learning tool available

Stop undergoing lengthy clips and a tonne of text. Al Nafi Cloud’s labs are revolutionising the way technology is taught.
community Thousands of hands-on labs
authenticity Authentic and secure live exposure to various cloud platforms
demonstration One on one cloud learning that is important and relevant for users at all levels

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Our labs are the flexible cloud learning tool they’ll cherish

Your teams' access to tech training will become more fun and effective than ever thanks to Al Nafi Cloud’s Labs. Each lab engages students in realistic cloud difficulties relating to AWS, Azure, GCP, DevOps, Linux, and more by connecting them to live settings. Al Nafi Cloud’s labs makes learning self-scheduled yet efficient.

Encounter any cloud related issue encounter

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Our labs go well beyond basic lengthy tutorials. They immediately address your needs. Our own team of cloud specialists has created beginner, intermediate and advanced courses that practically demonstrate the cloud scenarios that IT teams frequently inquire about. Whether you need to set up a VPC in AWS or asses Azure Cloud Shell or use Google Cloud SQL to manage data. We've got a lab for it, and it is accessible at all times. There's no need to perform panic stricken forum searches anymore! We provide hands on learning experience creating a threat free environment and economic benefits for your company.
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Examination Mode for Challengers

In addition to this teams can advance labs by switching to Examination mode, which enables them to put their learning to use and demonstrate their abilities. In this mode, apply your information without seeing a video, and we will grade you according to the criteria. Al Nafi Cloud’s Labs, thanks to their different modes and their accessibility to everything from basic to complex courses offers on-demand solutions for routine tasks and enables your staff to practice from anywhere.

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Al Nafi Cloud effortlessly incorporates practical learning through every stage of your cloud journey.

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