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About Us

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Al Nafi Cloud offers real-time Cloud Playground where you can access thousands of hands-on labs through containers. We are providing hands-on training in Cloud Technologies to individuals, organizations, and businesses through practice on AWS, GCP, and Microsoft Azure. What you learn is what you will practice in the industry, as we believe in teaching from the job descriptions of the leading organizations of the world.

Al-Nafi Cloud’s Mission

We aim to cultivate a culture of Cloud expertise by teaching you from the job description of the leading organizatons of the world.

Al-Nafi Cloud’s Vision

To help people at any stage of their careers around the world become Cloud experts for a better tomorrow.

Our Story

Al Nafi Cloud is where success stories begin. Being the world’s first and only multilingual E-learning platform, we offer Labs and Courses in Cloud amongst other technologies with the aim of making world-class education accessible to everyone. Al Nafi makes students job-ready by instilling in them the most in-demand skills in the tech industry. Many of our students are working in Fortune 500 companies around the globe, including big names such as Hewlett Packard, Amazon, ebay, Abbott, Microsoft, BMW, Deloitte, Pfizer, and more. We offer courses in 13 different languages, with 318,613 students currently enrolled learning from more than 25 of the finest instructors in the world. Whether you are a novice or an expert in the Cloud universe, you can’t go wrong with Al Nafi Cloud.

Be a part of our journey

Al Nafi Cloud is all about the people. We offer amazing Cloud education because we work with the most amazing people. Our Cloud labs are prepared by world-class instructors who have been working in their fields for the past two decades.


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